ELI – Emergency Light Inverter
Power Distribution and conditioning for Emergency Lighting in Public and private Buildings (Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Shopping Malls, Office Centres, etc..) - Emergency Light Inverter (SINE33-ELI).
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ELI – Emergency Light Inverter

SINEPOWER’s Emergency Light Inverters (ELI’s) are the perfect solution for a highly efficient and easy maintained centralised power source for light circuits in big open spaces in public and/or private buildings. 

SINE33 Emergeny Light Inverter (ELI’s) are back-up power systems that guarantee that lighting fittings and emergency exit signs are powered, illuminating the way to the emergency exit, when the mains fail.

SINE33 Emergeny Light Inverters (ELI’s) manufactured by SINEPOWER can also be used to monitor the mains voltage and VA power factor. Monitoring of inverter voltage, battery conditions, DC amperage and power is also available with the ELI units.




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