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Greeninvert PFC (Active Power Factor Correction)
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Greeninvert PFC (Active Power Factor Correction)

The Greeninvert PFC is an active power factor correction device that besides its high efficiency (97%) is easy to install and maintain.

With Mains installations of low PF and high harmonic content, such as installations with a lot of computers installed, fluorescent lighting, industries with old rectifiers, etc. the only effective way of correcting the Power Factor is using an Active Power Factor Corrector, such as the Greeninvert PFC.

The Greeninvert PFC injects in the Mains the correct amount of harmonics and fundamental currents to eliminate the load harmonics and make the power factor unity, resulting in a sinusoidal current (THD


Relevant features of the Greeninvert PFC:

Digital Monitoring and Logger

Reliable analogical and digital control

Standard communications (the same as Greeninvert GridConnect)

Automatic isolation from Mains when PFC not necessary

Load balancing as an option.


The Greeninvert PFC can also be used as an option with solar panels or wind generators to supply energy to the Mains at the same time that corrects the load power factor.


Standard Models: 30KVAR; 60KVAR; 80KVAR; 100KVAR. Other sizes up to 500KW are available on demand.

CE Mark

Made and designed in EU