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Greeninvert Grid-Connect INVERTER
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Greeninvert Grid-Connect INVERTER

The Greeninvert Grid-Connect Inverter uses IGBTs or Power Mosfets switching modules to achieve excellent quality of injected energy (sinusoidal current THD<3%) and high efficiency (96%) with unity Power Factor.

The MPP (maximum power point control) uses analogical control assisted by microprocessor, thus achieving fast response as well as better reliability. The type of MPP control as well as the Operational Voltage Range defines if the Inverter is used with photovoltaic panels or wind generators. Thus we have two models for the Grid Connect Greeninvert, Greeninvert Solar and Greeninvert Wind, to cover the most popular renewable energies.

We can offer different operational voltages from the standard as well as sizes.

Three Phase Models: 10KW; 20KW; 40KW; 60KW; 80KW; 100KW. Other sizes up to 500KW are available on demand.

Communications: RS485; RS232; CAN; Ethernet (optional).

“Data Logger” for event history, fault finding and power production logging.


CE Mark

Made and designed in EU