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Greeninvert DLOAD (Dynamic Regenerative Load)
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Greeninvert DLOAD (Dynamic Regenerative Load)

Following the green vocation of the Greeninvert products the Greeninvert DLOAD provides energy saving for industries that have a need for considerable power loads to test their products (e.g. UPS manufacturers, Inverter manufacturers, Diesel Genset manufacturers, etc.).

 The DLOAD consists of a rectifier with unit power factor that behaves like a resistive load and an Inverter grid-connect. The output of the equipment under test is connected to the DLOAD rectifier and the DLOAD inverter is connected to the Mains. The digital control allows the user to define the load and its power factor (lagging) Since the energy used is regenerated to the Mains, the only power cost is the loss in the equipment being tested and the DLOAD.

Significant savings are achieved together with simple operation without need of heat management.


Nominal Voltages:

Input (connected to the output of the equipment under test): 400V- 3 phase - 40Hz to 400Hz.

Output (connected to Mains): 400V-3 phase - 50Hz/60Hz.

Standard Models: 60KVA; 80KVA; 100KVA; 120KVA. Other sizes up to 500KW are available on demand.

DLOAD efficiency: 93%

CE Mark

Made and designed in EU