Ground Power units 400Hz Solid State.
GPU – Ground Power Unit / 30KVA, 45KVA, 60KVA and 90KVA
Ground Power Units (GPU) supply AC or DC power (Combi units) to aircrafts that are on the ground to start the engine and the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) of the aircraft as well as for the on-board power supply.
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GPU – Ground Power Unit / 30KVA, 45KVA, 60KVA and 90KVA

SINEPOWER’s Ground Power Units range from 30 to 200 KVA solid-state Ground Power Supplies (mobile and fixed units) and The Standard  Range is: 30KVA; 45KVA; 60KVA and 90KVA.

Our Ground Power Units deliver an output of 200V 3 phase 400 Hz to the aircraft through a SINGLE or DUAL OUTPUT contactor and can be connected to a standard 380V to 415V 3 phase 50Hz mains or other.

SINE33- Ground Power Units use High frequency IGBT Technology (Rectifier and inverter) to guarantee a sinewave input with low THDi (THD‹1.5%) and unit power factor (PF=1), perfect for civil airports and military applications as we guarantee a minimum impact on the mains or other power sources upstream.  

SINE33- Ground Power Units are highly reliable, very efficient and easy to operate and maintain. Our GPU (Ground Power Units) use double conversion technology with an integrated inverter output transformer to ensure galvanic isolation of the load.


SINEPOWER’s Ground Power COMBI Units can support AC and DC power output simultaneously as long as the total load power does not exceed the power of the unit.


SINEPOWER can supply special flexible, 400Hz cables with the control and signalling wires included.




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