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SINEPOWER has obtained Full AENA certification: AENA: Protocolo de pruebas en laboratorio oficial para la aceptación de convertidores estáticos de 400 Hz fijos de 90 kVA. "Aena SME, S.A. is a state-owned company that manages general interest airports and heliports in Spain."

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Sinepower at the 8th GSE & RAMP-OPS 2018 11th - 13th Sep 2018 DUBROVNIK BY EVA INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LTD

Sinepower's Booth at the 8th GSE & RAMP-OPS 2018 11th - 13th Sep 2018 DUBROVNIK BY EVA INTERNATIONAL MEDIA LTD

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SINEPOWER's latest Modular design for SFC (Static Frequency Converters) allows for up to 1200KVA total power with 4 x modules (plus additional Transformer module for galvanic isolation). The modular design comes with 2 power options per module: 300KVA module 250KVA module maximum number of modules in Parallel = 4. the picture shows: SFC 500KVA (2x250KVA Module + Transformer module) SFC 800KVA (3x300KVA Module + Transformer module)

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Sinepower Exhibitor Stand at Inter Airport Europe 2017, held in Munich between the 10th and the 13th of October 2017 at Neue Messe München exhibition center

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

SINEPOWER is proud to announce that we have obtained our ISO 9001:2015 certification via TÜV.

You can download directly the certification for reference.

The new Static Frequency (SFC) of 500KVA from Sinepower was installed at the Port of Santa Cruz in Tenerife, on the Container Terminal.

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With the support of the program “Portugal 2020” on the field of Innovation and Internationalization, Sinepower is working on the new facilities, since July, located on the Zona Industrial Aveiro Sul, on Lote 21 A.

Sinepower has two government grants P2020 (Innovation and Internationalization).

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Participation on the "Airside Event 2016" show

Sinepower and Aerotecs participated together on the “Airside Event 2016” show, held in Belgium between June 29 and July 1, at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Brussels.

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Sinepower and Aerotecs Aircraft Testing, Tools and Ground Support Equipment (Belgium) sign sales agreement for approved distributorship of GPUs, 28VDCs e SFCs in Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Sinepower participated in the event Ciclo de conferencias idD Economia da Defesa uma oportunidade Estratégica para Portugal.


Sinepower and MAK Controls And Systems Private Limited (India) sign sales agreement and start partnership in development efforts for GPU, 28VDC units and SFCs

MAK foto corrigida.jpg

Our Partners Magnus were at Farnbourugh airshow 2014 with our GPU units. The units were connected to different aircrafts and worked perfectly as expected.

GPU units connected to:

  • Boeing 787


  • Airbus 350







  • Others







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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

SINEPOWER is proud to annouce we have obtained our ISO 9001:2008 certification via TUV.
Please find our certification via:
ID: 9105077404

Or download it directly:


Sinepower and Magnus Power are now commercial partners!

Sinepower and Magnus Power are now commercial partners! Both companies were at last weeks Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013 which took place between the 9th and 11th of April and ended up being a very positive experience business wise. It was also an honor to have on display at Magnus Powers stand an example of our new product line - SINE33I Ground Power Unit.

Below are a couple of photos from Aircraft Interiors Expo 2013.

SINE33I GPU on display

SINE33I - GPU Unit on display



Sinepower and Magnus Power representatives 

 Make sure to check their Website. They have a wide range of power solutions to meet your needs -

SINE33I-GPU: SOLID STATE 400HZ GROUND POWER UNIT Powers Available: 30KVA - 45KVA - 60KVA and 90KVA


Main Characteristics:

High frequency IGBT Technology
Double Conversion with Sinewave Output
Galvanic Isolation of Inverter via Inv. Transformer
Power Factor Correction
Sinusoidal Input Current (low THD)
Microprocessor control
Single or Dual output
Robust Design
Mobile: Castor with shock absorbers or trolley and stainless Steel Cable Tray
IP54 enclosure for fixed and mobile units (stainless steel optional)

• DFS400 Specification for 400 Hz aircraft power
• ISO 6858 Aircraft ground support electric supplies
• MIL-STD-704 Aircraft electric power characteristics
• SAE ARP 5015 Ground equipment 400 Hz gound power performance requirement
• EN62040-1-1 General & safety requirement
• EN61558-2-6 General & safety requirement
• EN61000-6-4 Electromagnectic compatibility - Generic emission standard
• EN61000-6-2 Generic immunity standard


Check out the result of SINEPOWER and MOBEL`s latest product development:

Prototype UPS - SINE 33I - BB (Lithium battery UPS)

new2.jpg   new3.jpg

Key Features:

• Lithium batteries

• BMS (Battery Management System)

• Buck-Boost