Sinepower - About us

SINEPOWER was founded in 2003, by partners with 30 years of experience in Power Electronics. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of Ground Power Units (GPU’s), Static Frequency converters (SFC’s), DC Chargers for electrical vehicles, Inverters and other power electronic products. With over 30 years of experience, our demand for excellence and the extreme quality and reliability of our products has helped us maintain our sustainable growth.

SINEPOWER has a certified quality management system by TUV Reihnland [certificate link].  and our Ground Power Units (GPU’s) and Static Frequency converters (SFC’s), are also certified by TUV SUD PRODUCT SERVICE Laboratory in the UK. Our goal is to deliver reliable power solutions for a diverse range of applications and we are eager to help our clients find the best possible solution for their power needs.

SINEPOWER SOCIEDADE DE CONSULTORIA E PROJETOS DE ENGENHARIA ELETRÓNICA LDA is committed to providing customers with products and services that guarantee total satisfaction and company loyalty.

To consult our quality policy, please check the following PDF.

Quality Policy.pdf

SINEPOWER, is based in Portugal, Zona Industrial Aveiro Sul and has been operating in the international and local markets. 90% of our products are exported and we maintain commercial relations in countries such as England, Spain, Belgium, Kosovo, Russia, Cyprus, South Africa, Angola, India and Vietnam

Our products are manufactured in the United States of America by LTI INC (Cleveland-Ohio) under license.

We supply the Estado Maior da Força Aérea (Portuguese Air Force) with Frequency converters as well as many other Portuguese companies with custom made power solutions.

We have as manufacturing partner of GPU’s-Ground Power Units and SFC’s-Static Frquency Converter POWERSTART  – Russia.

Our GPU’s-Ground Power Units, SFC’s-Static Frquency Converter, ELI’s-Emergency Light Inverters and LI’s-Lift Inverter distributors are:

ABEST - Spain

EME - Engineering Asia Pacific - Singapore

J&D Dynamics (UPS’s)– Cyprus

LISATECH - Vietnam



MAK Controls & Systems – India

PSI (ELIs, LIs, GPUs and SFCs) – UK

SINEPOWER is part of a consortium to develop an “intelligent” security robot. Members of the consortium:  


Clever House – sistemas intelegentes Lda


University of Porto – Engeneering faculty

Strong-Segurança S.A.

We have been involved, as consultants, in the global solution for the Chicago metro lines via our partners in the United States of America - LTI INC (Cleveland-Ohio)


IMPORTANTE: We are looking for reliable international distributors [Details]